General Info

I love the photojournalistic approach to your special day…there is so much more than just the posed classic portraits on this special day (of course, I'll be sure to get those too!)…capturing the image of your intended waiting for you at the end of that very long aisle with glistening eyes, a bride smiling perhaps holding back her own tears of happiness.  The parents of the happy couple holding hands tightly as they watch their children become "grown-up's" before their eyes.

My philosophy is that a portrait should capture WHO you are at that moment in time, whether it be engaged to the one of your dreams, a blushing bride, the nervous groom, expectant parents who can't get enough of feeling the baby trying to kick their way out of mommy's belly, the proud parents of a beautiful newborn or a rambunctious toddler, the silliness of a 5 year old, your child's first formal dance looking so grown up in that tuxedo or gown, a teenager who is about to leave the nest to spread their wings…grandparents surrounded by the grandchildren they love so much.

A note to parents: I am just as happy to come to your home to photograph your child in their own environment as I would be to photograph them in my studio.  I believe in letting kids be kids.  I know that kids don't want to sit still, they want to move, run, play and yes, even pout…I will follow them, interact with them - whatever it takes to capture just how precious your little one is!  If you want to go to the park or the playground- I am flexible!  I don't want your little one to feel pressured to smile- just be themselves!  Do they have a favorite teddy bear a favorite blankie or book- we can get that in the photograph as well!  After all, sometimes a blankie can be pretty important!!

Highschool Seniors- Are you looking for that one of a kind, unique photograph that represents WHO you are? I will be more than happy to work with you to get the look you want!

If you have someplace special you want your picture taken whether it is the river, out on the lake, at the stable, in the field on a tractor…WHEREEVER!  If you can think it up- we can make it work!  Looking for something funky?  Tell me your ideas! We can do some shots to make the parents happy and then we can take the shots that are going to be the ones YOU show off!

Couples...Engaged recently?  Congratulations! Let's capture this exciting time of your life!  Is there a particular place that has significant meaning to you?  I would love to see that place and photograph you there!  Do you like to go for walks on Church Street- we can work that into your photograph.  As long as you're willing to have fun we can get those one of a kind photographs!

Now your wedding day is here...I will follow you from the start of the day until you leave the reception. We can sit and chat about the type of coverage you want!  I can even create a video montage on DVD with pictures you supply so that you can show it at our wedding – just supply me with the photos that you want on it!  Guests LOVE this – not a dry eye in the place!  Let's talk!

For all of you single folks - are you looking for that special someone?  Thinking about trying online dating? Need a new, current photograph? Let's do some photographs and get you out into the world of internet dating!